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The License from the Rehabilitation Council of India is a must requirement for an individual seeking Recognition in the field of Psychology. The students prepare and study for years to be called RCI Recognized Psychologists and there are many ways to get the RCI License. But “Why is RCI License so Important for Psychology Aspirants?”

In this article, we will discuss what is RCI and its functions, the importance of getting an RCI License, what are the major benefits of getting this, and how to get the RCI License. So, Let’s get started.

About RCI:

The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) is a legally recognized government organization operating under the RCI act, which was passed by the parliament in 1993 and then amended in 2000. The organization is in charge of providing services for the disabled, keeps a central record of all the experts working in the fields of rehabilitation and special education, and establishes the curriculum for such fields.

RCI is a key government council that promotes particular goals. It is the only body in India with the authority to maintain a central rehabilitation register that has all the relevant information on all the qualified individuals working and practicing in the related disciplines. RCI is concerned with both the regulation and management of training programs for professionals in the field of rehabilitation of people with disabilities as well as the supervision of training policies and programs.

Role of RCI in the field of Psychology:

RCI has the power to decide what punishments should be used against those who are not qualified to practice in the profession. RCI aims to carry out studies in special education and rehabilitation fields. Additionally, it encourages and supports education and training in the area by providing training courses and collaborating with top organizations that support people with disabilities. 

The Eligibility criteria for getting a license from RCI include having a Master’s in Psychology, a two-year M. Phil. in Clinical Psychology, a Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology, or a Psy.D. from an institution recognized by RCI. It is important to be aware of these guidelines, which RCI has provided on their website, before starting the process.

Benefits of RCI License in the Field of Psychology

Provides Legal Certification/ Licences for Practice:

RCI is very important because it involves certification in order for someone to practice legally in some of the key areas of psychology. Professionals in the following categories are eligible to seek accreditation: –

•             Clinical Psychologists

•             Rehabilitation Psychologists

•             Rehabilitation Counsellors & Practitioners in MR

•             Special Educators etc.

Helps in Becoming a Recognized Professional:

It is considered required to complete the M.Phil at an institution having an RCI license in order to become a recognized professional (especially concerning clinical psychology) because the RCI license regulates the services that are provided to people with mental health concerns.

Accreditation to Other Professions:

Apart from expertise in the field of psychology, RCI also provides accreditation to other professions such as audiologists and speech therapists, social workers, vocational counselors, mobility specialists, hearing and ear mold technicians, etc.

Mandatory for the Administration of a Mental Health Facility:

An RCI License is required to operate a mental health facility in India, and only an RCI Licensed Psychologist is qualified to issue certificates of mental illness or to submit claims for PH certifications.

Makes a Source of Authority in a Court of Law:

Only an RCI Licensed Psychologist can act as a source of authority in a court of law to make statements about any topic or to determine whether a person is mentally fit or not.

Increases Scope of Job Opportunities:

All of the courses offer great employment opportunities in the government sector, including National Institutes, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, etc., the non-profit sector, and the private sector, allowing students to work as skilled professionals with optimistic careers.

How to get the License?

There are many options available after your Master’s in Psychology to obtain the RCI License. An individual can not directly apply for the RCI License as it is a must to complete the RCI Recognized courses from RCI-recognized institutions to get the RCI License. There are various courses for various disciplines in Psychology. We have mentioned the list of courses below:

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology is a 2-year regular-based post-graduation program. The course includes 4 semesters. Any student with a Master’s degree in Psychology is eligible to pursue the same. It is the most popular RCI-recognized course to get the RCI License.

Click here for the RCI Approved Institute for M.Phil Clinical Psychology

PsyD in Clinical Psychology

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology is a 4 Year Regular based course available in very few institutions in India that focuses to provide the student with clinical and applied aspect knowledge of Psychology. The students apply for this course to complete their Doctorate and get the RCI License as well as to practice as Clinical Psychologists in India.

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Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology

PDCP is a 1 -Year diploma program that can be defined as a shorter version of M. Phil Clinical Psychology. After completing the course, the students will get the license of Clinical Psychologist (Associate).

Click here to know all about the Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Advanced Diploma in Child Guidance and Counselling (ADCGC)

ADCGC is a 1-Year diploma course that was created to fill the need for qualified professionals available to provide counseling and guidance to children and families in a variety of situations. The course was created with a Developmental, Ecological, and Rights Perspective in mind so that the student can work effectively as a mental health professional with a current understanding of theoretical structures and the necessary skills.

Click here for the List of RCI-approved institutions for Advance Diplomas in Child Guidance and Counselling

The courses included in the above list are different from the Rehabilitation Psychology, hence we have not mentioned the Rehabilitation Psychology courses.

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