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Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. A student studying psychology focuses on learning about numerous aspects of the human brain & behavior, including how people think, what kinds of thoughts they experience, and how they act and interact. People can get insights into their own behavior as well as a better knowledge of others by developing a broader and deeper understanding of psychology and its branches. Human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior, and cognitive processes are just a few of the numerous subfields of psychology that may be studied.

In this article, we have provided an introduction to a very less known discipline of Psychology which is Criminal Psychology and Forensic Psychology. We have also mentioned the eligibility and academic stairs to becoming a professional and the Scope of Forensic and Criminal Psychology in India.

What is Criminal Psychology?

Criminal psychology is a branch of psychology that studies the behaviors and thought processes of criminals and suspects. It is also known as Criminological Psychology. A criminal psychologist spends a lot of time researching the causes of criminal behavior. They may also conduct assessments on criminals to determine the likelihood that they would commit crimes again in the future or to make educated assumptions about what a criminal might have done following a crime. The opinions of a criminal psychologist are being taken during court trials. 

What is Forensic Psychology?

The study of law and psychology come together in forensic psychology. It is a branch of psychology that uses the knowledge and scientific nature of psychology to solve issues and answer questions related to law and the legal system. The work of Forensic psychology circles around the mental assessment of the suspect/Criminal. A forensic psychologist studies the actions, motives, and triggers of a criminal and makes reports and conclusions on them, and then uses these findings for other criminals. A forensic psychologist tries to find out whether the person committed the crime because of some grudge or due to his or her free will or if he/she is suffering from any mental disorder.

Major Work of a Criminal/Forensic Psychologist:

The Criminal psychologist and forensic psychologist try to help and work with the legal system and are involved in helping and supporting the legislative system during the investigations. A criminal psychologist and forensic psychologist try to understand the behavior of criminals and hence play a vital role in crime solving.

The terms criminal psychology and forensic psychology are often used interchangeably but there are many key differences between them that make them distinct from each other.

Criminal psychology tries to figure out how a criminal thinks before they commit a crime. A forensic psychologist, on the other hand, looks at what happened after the crime.

While forensic psychology investigates crime prevention strategies and rehabilitation programs, criminal psychology seeks to understand the motivations behind criminal behavior.

Forensic psychology works inside the criminal justice system to provide expert testimony in court, whereas criminal psychology works with police and law enforcement agencies.

Educational Qualification

The Educational Qualifications of a Criminal Psychologist or Forensic Psychologist are not very different from one another. There is no such licensing procedure available for these disciplines so after completing masters a candidate has no certain criteria to pursue. The Candidate may pursue any further coursework, Doctorate or M.Phil Programme after the masters. We have mentioned 3 stages for both the courses below.

Criminal psychologist

  • Class 12 is completed either from the science or arts stream.
  • An undergraduate in psychology (BSc/ BA) or any other related field.
  • A post-graduation in psychology (MSc/ MA) with a specialization in criminal psychology

Forensic Psychologist

  • Class 12 is completed either from the science or arts stream.
  • An undergraduate in psychology (BSc/ BA).
  • A post-graduation in psychology (MSc/ MA) with a specialization in forensic psychology.

Scope and Job Options

Criminal psychology

In India, criminal psychology is a new field but is growing day by day at a very fast pace as the need for criminal psychologists is increasing. The possible work of a criminal psychologist is as follows:

  • Work as a professor of criminal psychology.
  • Work with the local, state, or central government.
  • Can work as a freelance consultant.
  • Victim Advocate
  • Social Worker
  • Counselor
  • Crime Analyst
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Criminal Psychologist
  • Behavioral Therapist
  • Case Manager

Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology has a lot of scope however forensic psychology is one of the underrated carrier choices among students. However, the Indian legal system will be having much demand for forensic psychologists in the upcoming time due to the growing number of criminals and also the developing criminal mindset of people.

  • Forensic psychologist                                                                                                                                            
  • Correctional Counselor
  • Jail Supervisor
  • Victim Advocate
  • Jury Consultant
  • Police Consultant
  • Professional Clinical Counselor
  • Crime Analyst
  • Forensic Research Psychologist
  • Investigative Journalist
  • Forensic Social Worker
  • Professor of forensic psychology

Both criminal psychology and forensic psychology can turn out to be challenging yet exciting career options for oneself. In the end, it depends upon one’s interest, passion, and future image of what one wants to become. the fields have an immense and increasing scope one just requires the right skills and knowledge in order to ace any of these respective field.

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