Will M.Phil Clinical Psychology course be discontinued?

We received many queries regarding the M.Phil Clinical Psychology course, students are asking about the validation of the course after the news of discontinuation of M.Phil Course. 

So today we will try to clarify this doubts.

Firstly, we need to understand about the M.Phil Clinical Psychology Course, so let’s start with the course details of M.Phil Clinical Psychology.

M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology course is a 2- year hospital-based in hand practice course. Throughout this course, the student receives training of counseling skills, Therapeutic technique, Psychological measurements, etc. M.Phil Clinical Psychology course is very popular because through this course, the student can get a license to start their career as a Clinical Psychologist in India.

So, this is overall M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, now we can talk about the Discontinuation of M.Phil Course by Draft National Education Policy.

The committee, headed by K Kasturirangan has recommended the MPhil course to be replaced by either a four-year bachelor’s course or a research-oriented course, thus cutting down on the need for an MPhil.

The term ‘M.Phil’ used here, is a traditional M.Phil course offered by many universities, which can be pursued after a Master’s degree that students often undertake before pursuing a Ph.D., often using it as a window to confirm their academic and research pursuits.

If we talk about the course M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, this is a different course then the traditional M.Phil Psychology Course. M.Phil in Clinical Psychology course is regulated by the RCI. And we already talked about the course structure of M.Phil Clinical Psychology and its importance.

So, the motive of this article is we want to inform all aspirants of M.Phil Clinical Psychology to do not go with this news of discontinuations of M.Phil Course, you can take admission in the course without any doubts.

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