India, when we think about our nation, two words spring up in mind – Democracy and Republic. That India is the world’s largest republic nation. But it’s not enough to survive a better life. A number of reports and research shows that a huge number of population in India is suffering from stressful life event. Reasons may be differ. Also in news and media we get to see every day, about an individual who committed Suicide due to many reasons like: family violence, sexual harassment, unemployment, different type of depressions (e.g. love affairs, due to bed result in exams and etc.).

And we take all these events just as a news, but never think about their problems, and we never try to motivate the individual with negative thoughts. In this situation a Motivator, Psychologist is needed to deal with the depressed or stressed victims.

Supply of Psychologists in India is very less than its demands, but our nation needs more psychologists to bring happiness in life of mentally harassed peoples. That’s because it is important for everyone to understand the Psychology.

Psychology is not only a subject which we use to pursue in our schools or colleges, apart from the educational prospective, Psychology plays an important role in our day to day life or in our society.

Before we motivate to others, firstly we need to motivate ourselves, if we have a positive attitude then, we can motivate and help the peoples near us.

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