RCI, It’s importance and relevance in Psychology

The word rehab often brings in fear and feelings of awkwardness within us. Rehab is a variation of a hospital where the action of restoring someone to health or normal life by training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness takes place under expert supervision.

The Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) is the apex government body, set up under an Act of Parliament, to regulate training programs and courses targeted at disabled, disadvantaged, and special education requirement communities. It was set up in 1986. The main focus is to regulate and monitor services given to persons with a disability, to standardize syllabi and to maintain a Central Rehabilitation Register of all qualified professionals and personnel working in the field of Rehabilitation and Special Education. The Act also prescribes punitive action against unqualified persons delivering services to persons with disabilities.

RCI is a central body that regulates professionals as well as training courses. The institution helps to bring in uniformity in regards to training, data of professionals, accreditation throughout the nation.

Merits of RCI: (Objectives)

  1. To regulate the training policies and programs in the field of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities
  2. To bring about the standardization of training courses for professionals dealing with persons with disabilities
  3. To prescribe minimum standards of education and training of various categories of professionals/ personnel dealing with people with disabilities
  4. To regulate these standards in all training institutions uniformly throughout the country
  5. To recognize institutions/ organizations/ universities running master’s degree/ bachelor’s degree/ P.G.Diploma/ Diploma/ Certificate courses in the field of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities
  6. To recognize degree/diploma/certificate awarded by foreign universities/ institutions on a reciprocal basis
  7. To promote research in Rehabilitation and Special Education
  8. To maintain the Central Rehabilitation Register for registration of professionals/ personnel
  9. To collect information on a regular basis on education and training in the field of rehabilitation of people with disabilities from institutions in India and abroad
  10. To encourage continuing education in the field of rehabilitation and special education by way of collaboration with organizations working in the field of disability.
  11. To recognize Vocational Rehabilitation Centres as manpower development centers
  12. To register vocational instructors and other personnel working in the Vocational Rehabilitation Centres
  13. To recognize the national institutes and apex institutions on disability as manpower development centers
  14. To register personnel working in national institutes and apex institutions on disability under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

There are several reports that are published to show how the institution was helpful and successful in implementing the objectives throughout the nation.

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