Previous Year Question Papers of M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Exams

M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Question Paper

Dear Aspirants, you are searching for M.Phil Clinical psychology Entrance previous year question papers? As you know M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance question papers did not out from the examinations centers. So it’s not an easy task to collect the previous year question papers of M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examination. But we collected the previous year question papers of M.Phil Psychology Entrance Exams from various sources and from our regular students. UPS Education is the India’s No.1 Psychology Coaching Institute and we provide classes as well as Distance Learning Mode Coaching for M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance.

From the previous year question papers of M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance we have listed few questions below:

  1. All of the following are hypercoagulable conditions except?
    1. AT III deficiency
    2. Protien C deficiency
    3. Protien S defieciency
    4. Anti Lupus anticoagulant deficiency
  2. Studying people across time & places repeatedly is:
    1. Longitudinal research
    2. Archival
    3. Cross-sectional
    4. cross-sequential
  3. In a patient post myocardial infarction developed atrial fibrillation. Subsequently the ECHO showed a mural thrombus. The management is by
    1. Warfarin
    2. Cardioversion
    3. Digoxin
    4. Propranolol
  4. The Main Crux of hypnosis is?
    1. Analytical mind
    2. Logical mind
    3. Suggestibility
    4. None
  5. Fresh frozen plasma is best given in which of the following situations
    1. Post op bleeding
    2. Elective endoscopy where PT has been found to have increased due to effect of coumarin
    3. Bleeding due to thrombocytopenia
    4. In burns patient

These are the few questions asked in previous few years M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examination.

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