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UPS Education conducts regular tests for their students, giving them a chance to practice what they have learned and to understand their own progress. Regular mock tests help to keep students dynamic, with their studies. helping them plan their studies accordingly. Paper-Pencil tests are well-done and are subjected to errors. UPS Education gives its students an error-free portal to test their concepts, making it interesting and more detailed.

Online tests are available for every course, following a similar pattern to the main examination to make the test. The test is time-bound, with a timer present on the screen giving the students a chance to keep a track of the amount of time they spend on one question. There is also an option to leave a question for review so the student can come back to the question towards the end in case they are unsure about the answer. Results are calculated instantly, with an in-depth analysis of questions, sections and overall performance. The student can see how they have performed compared to others, with their rank, and average scores displayed on the portal. Along with this, the pattern of the test will also be displayed to show the distribution of questions among different sections. This is useful to understand where the student stands compared to their peers, and also to understand their own performance in terms of time management. A pie chart is also presented showing the proportional differences in right answers, wrong answers and un-attempted questions. A histogram is made for each section to show how the student performed compared to others. This will again give the student an insight into their section-wise performance in the test. Students can also see their responses along with the correct answers and a short explanation. In addition to this, there are different images and videos available to explain the concept behind the question further. This will not only prevent the student from making the same mistake again but will also help them strengthen their concepts.

Mock tests are an important part of appearing for entrance exams. It allows the students to put what they have learned to test and gives them the opportunity to assess and improve themselves. UPS Education makes assessment easier and better with actual examination settings, in-depth analysis, and detailed explanations. We at UPS Education strive to give our students every opportunity to excel!

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